Archive 2000 - 2014

WEST BEND (mixed media collage on matte board, 2013)

FOREST LIGHTS no.3 (cigarette ash wash, charcoal, graphite on paper, 2012)

Forest Lights no.6 (cigarette ash, ash wash, charcoal, graphite, and tape on handmade paper, 2012)

END OF EMPIRE no.1 (ink on shoji paper, 2009)

END OF EMPIRE no.2 (ink on shoji paper, 2009)

INTERIOR no.4 (graphite and charcoal on matte board, 2003)

Kitchen no. 3 (ink, graphite, linoleum, charcoal, and fryer grease wash on matte board, 2003)

FIGURE STUDY (charcoal and graphite on paper, 1999)


Drawings, paintings and collage executed in various media between the years 2000 and 2014. This archive represents various no consistent theme, but more simply a selection of images representing the variety of my artwork from BFA to present.