Knowledge Isn’t Power

THE KNOWLEDGE OF LASAGNA (Acrylic on coated paper, 2014)

911 DREAM BAR CONSPIRACIES (Acrylic on coated paper, 2014)

THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF SUGAR (Acrylic on coated paper, 2014)

THE VALLEY (Acrylic on cardboard, 2014)

PRETZEL AND CHEESE DIPTYCH (Acrylic on coated paper, 2014)

TACO PYRAMID SCHEME (Acrylic on coated paper, 2014)


At some point, most people craft their own theories to explain the world around them. Facts to some are lies to others. Each decides veracity independently. Symbols don’t have discipline or impact in a globalized, digitized world. Their visual power is flattened, and their meanings splintered and often left unknown. Ideas from the past still permeate all cultures, and interpretations are myriad. Knowing the truth does not mean there will be justice. Having a theory of why the world is how it si, does not make it fact. These paintings present cultural theory and industrialization from by combing what would be historically absurd.